Just Popping in to Say Hello!

Wow, I can’t believe that Deceived has already been out for three months! Thank you to everyone who has given me positive feedback so far, both public and private. I love chatting about the book with you and it really means a lot to me to know what you think of it! It may be snowing and spitting ice today in my neck of the woods on this lovely not-supposed-to-still-be-so-wintery day in March, but I do have some good news that might brighten a few of your days. I’ve been working hard on the second novel in the series, which means that I’m getting closer to sharing it with all of you. And to celebrate three months of its published life, the price of Deceived on Amazon has now been reduced to only $9.95 for the Paperback and still just $2.99 for Kindle! Woo hoo!


Life has been busy, busy, busy between work and prepping for our wedding trip this summer, but I hope to post more goodies soon. For now, stay warm, and happy reading!

<3, Stephanie Rose Vigano