So Many Updates…

Hi, everyone! I apologize for being absent for so long, but guess what? I come back bearing news!


First things first: I am going to be getting married in July! Random to start with, I know, but aside from being something that I’m obviously pretty pumped about, this exciting development for me personally is also going to mean something for my writing. After some deliberation, I have decided to officially change the name I publish under from “Stephanie Rose” to “Stephanie Rose Vigano.” If you’ve popped onto Amazon lately, you may (or may not) have noticed my new name making its appearance on the Kindle version of “Deceived.” The paperback version is currently out of stock while the changes take effect, but have no fear – the newly-republished “Deceived” by “Stephanie Rose Vigano” will soon be available, and I’ll be posting linkage once it’s ready. Nothing about the actual content of the story will be changing – only the name that appears on the cover. That being said, if you currently own Deceived by “Stephanie Rose,” you technically own what is now a VERY limited edition copy of the book – so, hang on to that sucker!! I’ll be posting the rest of the Deceived novels – and the rest of my published writing in general – in the future under this new name. I’m hoping that this will make searching for my work and differentiating me from other authors that much easier.


Thanks to update #1 above, this site is obviously going to be getting a bit of a face lift in the weeks to come. I hope to have construction done in a quick and timely manner, but if anything looks broken in the meantime, please bear with me! In addition to aesthetics, I’m also hoping to share a few behind-the-scenes goodies with you all soon. A few things to look forward to are: book-inspired recipes, insight on characters, and previews of what happens next.


I’m sure you could’ve guessed this thanks to that big fat “TO BE CONTINUED” at the end of Deceived, but let this post be official confirmation that the series will continue soon! I’ve been working hard on the second Deceived novel, “Stepsisters,” and am in the final stages of wrapping everything up. I am tentatively planning a release for late this summer/early fall, after our wedding – right in time for the start of the new school year!

“Stepsisters” is going to shift the narrative for the time being from the adults to focus more on the von Essen sisters: their relationships with friends, lovers, and each other, their personal inner battles, and how the scarring events of the first book have affected them as teens. Angelina, Blair, and Nicolette are going to be in high school in this one, so you know there will be plenty of drama afoot.

IN CONCLUSION, I can’t wait to share more content with you and continue the Deceived story. Thank you all so much for your patience and continued support!

Happy Reading!

<3, Stephanie Rose Vigano