Bonus Goodies – Character Aesthetics!

One of the most useful tips for writers that I’ve ever stumbled across is the concept of creating Character Aesthetic boards to help with visualizing a character outside of the limitations of black-and-white type. For those who are thinking “what the heck are you even saying?,” Character Aesthetic boards are collages of pictures collected from various keyword searches on sites like Google or Pinterest that come together to speak to the aesthetic of a particular character and visually represent who that character is. If you’ve ever clicked around on Tumblr before, you’ve probably seen these. Not only are they seriously pretty and fun to look at, but they can also be really helpful as tools for inspiration! I created boards for some of my “Deceived” characters for personal inspiration and fun during the writing process, and will be sharing them here as bonus goodies, with some added descriptive commentary.

1.) Cecilia

cecilia aesthetics

2.) Bruce

bruce aesthetics

3.) Victoria

victoria aesthetics

Please note that all credit for the actual photos contained in these collages belongs to their respective owners. The images were found in Google and Pinterest searches using various keywords. All I did was put them into collage form for fun!

Also, if you’re interested in this concept or want to create aesthetic/inspiration boards of your own, here is a useful article by Darla G. Denton on what it is and how to do it!

Oh, and P.S. The Paperback and Kindle versions of “Deceived” have been successfully updated on Amazon with my new author’s name, Stephanie Rose Vigano! I’ll be publishing under this name from now on going forward. 🙂