A Low-Key Preview…

Hi Readers!

So, I stayed up late last night to finish proofreading the second book in the Deceived series, and good news! – the writing is done!! Now that the hard part is finished, I’m currently working on making sure that all of the formatting for “Stepsisters” looks good so I can move on to the next steps. Maybe I’m old or behind the times or something, but I just discovered the “Read Aloud” feature in Adobe Acrobat Reader on accident in the process, and now I’m sitting here listening and laughing my butt off. My fiance had to run to the garage to escape my snorting and giggling. I think I’m scaring him! Jokes and whatnot aside though, wow, how did I not know about this tool?! It’s actually proving pretty useful, even if the pronunciation takes a little getting used to.

Here’s a sneak peek at what my robot friend and I are working on right now:

Screenshot 2017-05-30 20.05.40

In other words: soon, friends. It’s coming soon. 🙂

<3, Stephanie Rose Vigano