Character Aesthetics, Round Two: Meet the von Essen Sisters!

In preparation for the release of Stepsisters in August, I have another round of character aesthetics boards for you today, to give you a feel for who the teenage versions of the von Essen sisters are. You can see boards for more Deceived characters here.

Blair – Blair likes anything vintage, pretty, and romantic. Innocent and studious, she loves to read, drink tea, and play the piano. When she isn’t focused on her schoolwork, she’s dreaming of traveling to Paris. But behind her perfectly-polished exterior lies a troubled side. Blair battles with deeply-rooted insecurities and sometimes feels overwhelmed by the pressure that is thrust upon her.

Blair Aesthetic

Angelina – Determined, popular, and rebellious, Blair’s fraternal twin sister is the “Queen Bee” of Archbishop Wright Preparatory School. She loves to sing, play tennis, and hang out with her friends. Her best friend Aiden Andrews is her North Star, the one that keeps her grounded. She’s got big career dreams and will do anything to make them a reality.

Angelina Aesthetic

Nicolette – Victoria’s daughter and Angelina and Blair’s stepsister. Nicolette’s peers think that she’s nothing more than the “easy” cheerleader on the squad, but a life growing up with Victoria has left her insecure, desperate for attention, and misunderstood. Though cheering and hooking up with boys are the talents that she’s infamous for, she’s also a pretty good cook and can bake a mean cinnamon bun.

Nicolette Aesthetic

**Note: all credit for the photos contained in these collages belongs to their respective owners. The images were found in Google/Pinterest searches using various key words. None are mine unless specifically noted. All I did was put them into collage form for fun!


It’s Official – a New Book is Coming Soon!!

Hi everyone! I’m super excited to announce that Stepsisters: A Deceived Novel will be released on August 1, 2017!

Stepsisters: A Deceived Novel by Stephanie Rose Vigano

Like Deceived, Stepsisters will be available in both Paperback and Kindle editions, exclusively through Amazon. The second book in the von Essen family’s story will focus less on the adults and more on Bruce’s daughters, Angelina and Blair, and their new stepsister, Nicolette – though Victoria, Bruce, and Emmalyn will all return and have their parts to play. With the girls no longer children now, but teenagers about to start their Junior Year at Archbishop Wright Preparatory School in the quaint Stirling City suburb of Maple Springs, a new family dynamic has been set in place and a lot of new developments are in store – some of them good, and some, not so much.

Stepsisters is packed full of romance, rivalries, love triangles, friendship, roadblocks, inner battles, determination, high school drama, and bad mistakes – all coming together to shape the girls’ new teenage identities. Ambitious and rebellious, Angelina has her heart set on reaching her singing goals and making her mother proud – even if that heart sometimes finds itself a bit more preoccupied with the butterflies it harbors for a certain green-eyed someone. Sweet, studious Blair struggles with maintaining perfection and handling the pressures of her love live, school life, and the high standards that are expected of her. And a misguided Nicolette has scars and insecurities of her own to contend with, measuring her self-worth through unconventional means – thanks in part to the influence of her malevolent mother. All of this is going on while the girls are still trying to come to terms with the circumstances that brought them together in the first place: an unsolved tragedy that left Angelina and Blair’s mother dead, their father distant, their family’s fortune in the hands of an opportunistic gold-digger, and the girls with little in terms of closure. When the scars of the past collide with the decisions of the present, can their step-sisterhood by circumstance survive the repercussions?

One thing’s for sure – I’m really excited to share this next chapter of the girls’ story with you! For more info on the book, please visit the Stepsisters page in the books section. I’ve posted up the first chapter today as a sneak peek, and two more excerpts will be added before release date. The paperback version will be available at that time, but if you’re a Kindle reader, you can pre-order your copy here now!

More updates, insight, and goodies will come. Until then, happy reading! 🙂

<3, Stephanie Rose Vigano