Character Aesthetics, Round Three: Meet the Supporting Characters!

Only one more month until Stepsisters comes out! I’m getting pumped! To prep you for August 1st, here’s one last round of character aesthetics cubes, introducing you to the side characters that color the von Essens’ world.

Aiden AndrewsAiden Andrews is as all-American as a boy can come. Honest, loyal, and endearingly mischievous, he’s been Angelina’s best friend since third grade – and her “secret” (or not so secret?) crush. Aiden loves working on cars (especially his old blue Camaro), playing football, hiking in the great outdoors, and hanging out with his friends.

Aiden Aesthetic

Ashleigh AndrewsAiden’s little sister and Blair’s best friend. Ashleigh loves reading, drinking tea, playing soccer, and comfy sweaters. She’s a great student, a good listener, and a supportive friend. She and Blair share a dream to visit Paris one day.

Ashleigh Aesthetic

Josh AshfordArchbishop Wright’s star quarterback. He’s a scruffy, athletic bad boy who likes to cruise around town in his Trans Am blasting Def Leppard, party on the weekends, and sneak his father’s Cuban cigars. He Blair are totally mismatched… but they’re the school’s biggest super-couple.

Josh Aesthetic

Gisele SinghAngelina’s best female friend, who along with Katie Winters has been one of her most loyal sidekicks since kindergarten. Gisele loves Indian food, fashion, make-up, and singing. She’s incredibly stylish and likes to post beauty tutorials on her YouTube channel in her down time. 

Gisele Aesthetic

Katie Winters The third member of Angelina’s exclusive little posse, Katie is a bubbly, optimistic redhead who loves all things pink, kawaii, and girly.

Katie Aesthetic

**Note: all credit for the photos contained in these collages belongs to their respective owners. The images were found in Google and Pinterest searches using various key words. None are mine unless specifically noted. All I did was put them into collage form for fun!

I’ll be back in two weeks with another update. It’s vacation time for me! Until then…

Happy Summer and Happy Reading!

<3, Stephanie Rose Vigano