The von Essen Mansion

“Ever since [Bruce] was a young boy, he’d had a vision in his head of what his ideal home would look like and just how perfectly it would sit nestled in the picturesque wooded hills of the suburbs. On the day he finally saw that vision come to life, he thought it almost uncanny how well the traditional brown brick mansion in front of him matched the hasty doodles he’d come up with as a child. Beautiful and private with its set-back lot, meticulous landscaping, wrought-iron details, and large in-ground swimming pool, the mansion was a nice retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city and its constant barrage of lights, sounds, and people, while being conveniently close to the metro his business called home. In no time, he happily settled into his new domicile and filled it with countless treasures and luxuries.”Deceived,” ch. 1

The Von Essen Mansion

Location Background

The von Essen mansion is the place that Bruce and his family call home. It is located in the picturesque suburb of Maple Springs, less than an hour’s drive from Stirling City.

Location Style Notes

The mansion’s exterior is brown brick and the area behind the house features a swimming pool, hot tub, bar area, and Cecilia’s garden – the main areas for outdoor entertaining and relaxing. Cecilia’s garden is decorated with stone fountains and sculptures, wooden benches, tall hedges, and an array of colorful blooms. As for the inside of the house, the overall decorative “theme” is a take on modern Victorian aesthetics. The wood is dark, and shades of burgundy, brown, gold, navy, and cream make up the prevailing color palette. The main rooms on the bottom floor include the foyer (which features a lovely spiral staircase), living room, dining room, kitchen, master bed, master bath, guest bath, and Bruce’s study. The main rooms upstairs include the guest bedroom, guest bathroom, Nicolette, Angelina, and Blair’s rooms, and a bathroom for the girls to share. (I did not include the girls’ bedrooms in this study, because they deserve style studies of their own!) There is also an upstairs balcony that looks out over the pool and garden area where the von Essens can relax.

Location Insight

  1. I imagine the von Essen kitchen to look very much like this, with dark wood cabinets, marble counter tops, and plenty of room for prep work. The kitchen island is the focal point in this room; a place for family to gather around and work on recipes together, sit for a quick bite, entertain guests, or hang out with friends.
  2. The furniture in the von Essen mansion can be generally described as modern-Victorian. I imagine crimson couches with gold embellishments in the living room.
  3. Cecilia’s garden is a quiet place behind the house to relax, paint, think, get inspired, and simply “be” in. I imagine it always full of colorful flowers like these.
  4. This is how I picture the von Essen mansion from the outside – as a large brown brick home with a giant swimming pool. All this picture needs is that garden to be complete!
  5. I picture the foyer something like this. Immediately upon entrance, you know the feel of the house and that someone wealthy lives in it.
  6. A general idea of the master bedroom. Dark wood and fancy blankies!
  7. Because Cecilia’s garden would be a place for creative inspiration, it would have stone paths like these to stroll around on.
  8. The garden would also be surrounded by tall hedges for mega-privacy!
  9. Finally, this is exactly how I picture the study, where Bruce retreats to do his work at home and Blair sits for hours on end at the piano. Tall shelves of books, elegant Victorian furniture, a large stone fireplace, and Blair’s piano would make this room a very special space. Along the wall that we can’t see would be Bruce’s desk.

 Note: credit for the photos in this collage belongs to their respective owners. I simply found them in Google and put them in collage form, strictly for fun!

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